History of poker

Poker is a game that has been winning the hearts of players around the world in recent decades. This is because the opportunity to play online made poker simply something available at your fingertips. Below we describe the history of this fascinating game.

If we want to look for something that could have been the beginning of poker or an inspiration for the creation of this game, we can look for similarities in the German game Pochen, which was already popular in the fifteenth century. There is a theory that a game similar to poker was known around 900 A.D. Others think that the origins of poker can be rooted in persia. In any case, the first indisputable evidence of the existence of poker can be found in books from the nineteenth century. The rules of the game of poker became widely known when the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom publicly announced the rules of the game of poker – it was in 1872. Already 24 years later – in 1896, the publication of a magazine devoted exclusively to the topic of poker – “Poker Chip” began.

The flourishing of poker is time is synonymous with the emergence of new technologies (e.g. video poker). The first slot machines for playing poker began to appear in the 70’s and 80’s of the last century. With the development of the Internet and widespread access to the computer, poker has received hundreds of varieties. The popularity of poker has not weakened for many years. Poker is considered one of the most popular card games, which means that every year in different regions of the world poker tournaments are organized in which really high prizes are offered, amounting even to millions of dollars.

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Before you decide on a website where you will start your adventure with poker. First read about the pros and cons of selected poker rooms.