Texas Hold’em or Video Poker? Which is Better?

Texas Hold’em or Video Poker

For gamblers who stick to roulette, slots or blackjack, the poker formats may seem a mystery. You may have seen the cardroom from a far or seen a few hands of video poker and wondered what are these games and which one is better? In this post we will offer up reasons to play each one separately so you can decide which you are suited to.

Video Poker is Easier

If you prefer simple games, video poker is up your street. All you need to know is the standard poker hand rankings and you can play video poker today. You’re dealt you five card hand and can swap as many as you like. That’s pretty much it. Based on the hand ranking you end up with you are paid between nothing and a lot of money. So, for those that like easy to play games, try video poker at the best online casino Malaysia.

Texas Hold’em is More Social

Texas Hold’em is not just a card game. It’s a people game where you are facing real human opponents, not a machine or the house. It’s a social game where players can chat to each other. You can have fun and chit chat or you can try to engage in conversation that allows you to read opponents. This social aspect is a big part of live poker but less so online, although there is a chat feature if you want to use it.

Video Poker has Jackpots

For those of you that love the big prize jackpots, video poker is for you. Texas Hold’em doesn’t offer jackpots regularly although some places do offer bad beat jackpots. These are won very rarely and barely worth mentioning. Video poker has decent jackpots and high prizes if you are fortunate enough to make super strong hands like straight or royal flushes.

Texas Hold’em has Bluffing

If you love the feeling of getting one over a player or showboating, Texas Hold’em has the bluffing aspect which will appeal to you. There’s nothing quite like winning a big pot with absolutely nothing. Unlike other casino games, you can win with the worst hand in Texas Hold’em which enhances the pleasure of playing it.

Now you know some of the advantages of playing both games, which will you try?

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