4 Things Experts in Poker do Differently


If you’re reading this article and losing or break even, you may be wondering what experts do differently. After all, not everyone can lose at poker. There are millions of players around the world that earn a nice side income from online poker and probably bragging about it too. But what is it the consistent winners are doing different to you? We will explain a few of them in this post so read on to learn what experts don’t want you to know…

React to Flop Textures

Continuation betting is common among the majority of players online today, but there is a lot of bad c-betting going on. Players recognize they need to follow up with flop bets but are doing it too much and for the wrong amounts. This is common in games as high as NL $200. Experts realise that not all flops are the same. Different flop textures are favourable against calling ranges and as such some flops aren’t worth betting and others only need smaller sizing to get through. In other words, an expert will react different based on the flop type and show a more profitable return on their c-bets.

Change Gears

This is something even intermediate players struggle with – changing gears. Losing players or even ok players will learn a style of play and stick with it, regardless of setting and opposition type. The phrase “changing gears” means nothing to them or may mean stealing the occasional pot to enhance their image. To a professional, changing gears is about radically changing strategy in short bursts to confuse and win more money at the table. They might raise 5 hands in a row at the bubble because they know nobody will play back at them with anything less than pocket tens or better.

Choosing Games Carefully

Beginners just don’t get to grips with choosing the games the play. Lots of players just sit at a game without even watching for a few rounds to see what the players are like. In contrast, the best players will ensure there are at least a few fish at the table and avoid tougher games. This is just good business sense. Why sit with a tough player to your left? Choose your games carefully and your bankroll will thank you for it in the future.

Value Betting Thinner

If you want to win money at poker, you need to recognize when your hand is likely best and get max value. That doesn’t mean betting ½ pot all the way down and praying for a call. It’s about eeking out value in those spots where you are best and can get called by worse. The experts are doing this regularly. How many times do you see a great player bet 1/5 pot on river with something as weak as 3rd pair and be good? Do you do this often? Why not? You can’t just rely on the times you have top pair or better to get value. Sometimes you need to earn with less and that’s where thin value betting is necessary.

Image Source: Pixabay