Your Options in the Poker Games

All online gambling halls have customer service but not all offer the same assistance. The new online casinos, and all the regulated ones you find in our lists, know that the customer is always at the center of attention (and of course the business) and therefore they have a particular care and are available to help them in any situation. The site has already done a general check for you on the validity of Customer Care and the tests carried out have earned these casinos a place in the prestigious list you find on this page. Of course feel free to do further tests by sending some test emails to check how long it takes for a response.

Rich selection of games to choose from and the chance to try them for free

Games in a bandar poker online are everything and if they are free it’s even better. If the casino you have chosen has a wide selection of games and you can try them for free then you have found one of the best new online casinos. The test, also known as Demo, of games is very useful for testing whether a game reflects your needs and is worth playing for real money.

Affordable Welcome Offers for New Members. Many casinos focus on appealing welcome bonuses, but not all of them can be profitable and convenient. To verify all this, all you need to do is read the Terms and Conditions carefully with all the instructions necessary to receive the bonus.

Are new online casinos safe?

We have already pointed out that security is one of the fundamental characteristics of an online room. The answer to the question is therefore positive, it is a safe online casino and being a novelty they all have cutting-edge technologies for data protection.

  • Of course, and it is important to always remember this, we refer only to casinos with a regular license issued by the Customs and Agency, you can also check on the institutional website if this casino is found in the list of authorized casinos.
  • The task of the State Monopolies is to control the security of the connections, the reliability of the new online casinos and the correctness in the conduct of the games.
  • An important task performed is also to check online transactions.

Have you ever wondered why withdrawals usually take 3 working days to be credited to your bank account?

Well the answer we give you, in fact behind these waiting times there are a series of checks carried out in collaboration between the banking institutes to verify that the person who made the withdrawal is the cardholder and the gaming account.

Your funds are therefore safe from any attempted theft and you can sleep peacefully. Moreover all the new online casinos have an Anti-fraud Department that monitors the work of those customers who are referred to as suspects, and is always ready to act (even with a drastic closure) if the safety of all players is considered at risk.