Top South Korea Casinos for Foreigners

The casino in Korea is mostly a business establishment that attracts foreigners, particularly wealthy Chinese businessmen, to gamble.

Foreigners are allowed to gamble across all the country’s casinos. Here are the top casinos for foreigners.

Paradise Casino Walkerhill

Found in Walker Hill Hotel in East Seoul, 우리카지노하는곳 is an excellent place to play slots, cards, as well as table games with a beautiful view of the Han River.

Paradise City Casino Incheon

This casino is top class and strategically located in the Hyatt Grand Hotel nearby Incheon International Airport making it an ideal quick spot for foreigners having layover flights.

Hotel Inter-Burgo Casino

This Casino is the only casino in the city. It was established in the year 2011 and located at the Annex of the Inter-Burgo Hotel. It offers gamblers poker game while they spend vacations in the region.

Shinhwa World Casino

The Shinhwa casino offers gamblers an exceptional gaming experience. It is well spacious, with about 107,000 square feet, both fun players and heavy gamblers will surely enjoy their experience.

Jeju Sun Hotel and Casino

This casino is located in the centre of Jeju-si and players can be sure of having different gaming alternatives. Expats can readily get VIP accommodations if they want to play in private rooms. Also featured in the hotel are grand dining choices, including traditional Korean cuisines, as well as Japanese and Chinese cuisines.

KAL Hotel and Casino

Located at the centre of Jeju Island, it is distanced 15 minutes drive away from Jeju International Airport; this makes it an ideal location for business and relaxation. Apart from local casino games, KAL Hotel and Casino also offer 온라인바카라하는곳.

Sorak Park Hotel and Casino

 The Sorak Park is a lovely spot, located at Sorak Mountains. It gives players a pleasant gaming experience with world-class service.