SL Casino Riga playing out 3,000 euros every Friday autumn 2018

SL Casino Riga has prepared new autumn surprises for its guests. Anyone can take part in The Fall promo, which takes place every Friday in the autumn of 2018. All you need to participate in the draw is to play your favorite games. These bets are automatically converted into promotional coupons.

SL Casino is а part of the holding of Michael Boettcher, Storm International. It is also а part of the Shangri La casino network operating in the CIS for more than 25 years, famous for its wide gaming capabilities, impeccable service and drawing of great prizes.

The Fall, as specified Darren Keane, Shangri La CEO, is held once a week, the prize fund is 3,000 euros, there are also several additional jackpots. Each bet has an equal chance of winning, but the more a player makes bets, the more chances he gets.