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Poker is a card gambling game that will bring you profits if you win and you will lose if you lose. This is a general concept in every poker game. This concept is also the same as the online poker game that is much popular today. In order to win in aIDNPoker game, poker players must play well or correctly. To be able to produce a good or right game, you need the ability and expertise in playing poker. The ability to make the right decisions in poker also affects the percentage of wins. For beginners in the poker world, there will be many things that need to be learned in order to achieve a victory in online poker.

Online poker tips for beginners

As a beginner in the online poker field, there are many things that must be known, which are:

First of all, a beginner must really understand the basics and rules of poker. There are many basic things in the world of poker that must be learned. For example just like the terms commonly used in the world of poker. If you don’t know these things, of course you will have difficulty playing poker.

Second, you also need to be able to make a combination of cards. To be able to create a combination of cards, you must know and memorize some card combinations that most often appear in poker. If not then you will be very difficult to win because a good combination of cards can come out the winner.

Third, you also need to know the strategies and techniques that exist in the poker world. This is important because these two things can be likened to weapons that you can use to defeat your opponents in online poker.

The secret to avoiding losing poker is for beginners

In addition to the things above, you also have to avoid things that can increase the percentage of losses. That way, your chances of victory will be greater, of course. And here is a list of things that you should avoid:

Playing with emotions

Poker is a game that requires full concentration and focus. Therefore, calmness is very much needed in online poker games. Emotions will only make it difficult for players to concentrate, rush in making decisions, make mistakes in winning strategies, and can be provoked into the flow of opposing games. If this happens it is only a matter of time until you lose.

  • Too confident, as a beginner you must have self-awareness when playing. When you happen to be lucky to get a good card at the beginning of the game, don’t necessarily rush into doing all in. This is a wrong action that is triggered by excessive self-confidence. This action can also make you experience defeat. Therefore, playing with more patience, waiting until the fourth or third round, try to do a few raises to increase the number of betting results. So that when you do it all in, you can win with maximum profit.


Greed is a feeling that traps players to continue playing and feel less continuous. Do not let you play in this stuck condition. This will only cause defeat and great losses. Therefore, it is very important to set goals at the beginning of the game, so you can limit yourself when playing. This will also prevent greed.

Thus interesting reviews that you can get from the secret of avoiding defeat playing online poker. By knowing these things, you can avoid the possibility of losing and can increase your chances of winning every poker game you face, even if you are still a beginner level.