The past present and future of online gaming


Playing online is a beautiful experience for all gaming enthusiasts. Some dedicated developers and managers work day and night to make your online gaming experience better.

Start of gaming online

Online gaming is about two decades old, around 1994 a few people gathered together and tried to bring a new twist to an already popular activity. They decided that they will make gaming accessible to people from all around the world. Compared with today, at that time they didn’t have half the tools that are available now. The internet was slow, there were no cloud servers, and there were only a few people who could be called internet literate.

Today’s world of online gaming

That was then, and this is now. Technologically speaking, 1994 is a different age altogether. There has been much change in the past two decades, mobiles have come to the forefront, and Smartphones have become immensely popular. So, the world of online gaming has changed alongwith. The competition has increased as more and more people have realized the potential in this field. Players have begun to enjoy the comfort of playing from their homes without having to visit a gaming establishment.

Online gaming and its platforms have changed significantly as well. To keep up with the competition, online gaming establishments such as Casino Malaysia are constantly trying to improve the gameplay experience for their players. Now the games are faster, more entertaining with zero lag. The software providers nowadays rent their platform out to any willing investor or investors so that they can operate their gaming businesses under their brand names while paying for the gaming software and other related products.

How does the whole thing work?

The operators can offer their own promotion to attract players, marketing, advertising, loyalty program and website layout. All to be done by the operators and only the revenue deal that was fixed in between the software providers and the operator will be paid to the software providers. The software is highly customizable and unique elements can be added as per the operator’s requirements as such the gaming websites don’t look generic. Due to the high competition, it is essential to have something unique to stand out in a crowd, and the software companies understand that. So, they are willing to work with the gaming business operators to add that unique flavor to the software.