How to Beat Online Poker Algorithms


Poker is a popular casino games for its unique blend of strategy, random chance, psychology and number crunching. Learn the tips and tactics of Judi Online poker rules and strategies before you start your hands on the game.

Tips and Tactics to beat the Online Poker Algorithms

Gain speed by practice: Learn making best hands in a low-stress environment like free Poker phone app or just play Facebook poker before challenging yourself in an online cash Poker game.This way it gives you a chance to get hands on the game rules as well and not lose the real cash.

Hand Values: Kings and Queens are very strong hands. However an Ace on the flop will always fall in your favor. If the community board has tons of flush cards or straight cards you should be able to predict without worrying about your hands.

Raise with Draws: Raise the flop and then bet a turn. This tricks the opponents to play real hands or make a fold.

Get a Coaching: Coaching from a personal coacher can propel your game to levels that might take you months to reach on your own. If you are serious about understanding your poker strategy as quickly, go for a personal training.

Understand the Basic poker math: Judi Online involves math in which you need not be an expert. Just understanding the basic odds behind hands can be very beneficial for players especially the beginners. For an easy understanding here is an example: there are 221-1 odds of getting pocket aces which means you will only get aces on average every 221 hands.

Opponents Chip-stack count: Always keep an count of your opponent’s chip stack to make sure if the pot has been made full. This ways you can fold to avoid losing your hand.

Fold Equity: You can win the pot with the best hand at showdown, or you can win it by having your opponent fold his/her bets. Tricking your opponent is the challenging part here.

Play in Last Position: There is a set of rules how each player has to bet or raise when their turn arrives. The order always starts with the player on the left of the dealer after the flop. Always observe what every other player has to do or act when it is their turn and wisely take your turn at the last. Even if it an online Poker game, take your time like you’re playing a land-based game and make your move at the end of other players.