Parx Casino Members Enjoy The Benefits Of Club Membership For Its Pennsylvania Sportsbook


The X Club is the latest rewards program from the operators of Parx Casino in conjunction with the prestigious GameAccount Network. The operators of Parx Casino had been preparing for the switch to online gambling with their switch to a Pennsylvania sportsbook. In the interests of getting the most from the Pennsylvania sportsbook and casino games, Parx Casino has created an online membership club that allows members to take advantage of the physical and digital versions of the brand. In terms of the sportsbook and casino games, the fact the online casino is based in Pennsylvania means all those of legal age can enjoy the benefits of gambling with the brand.

The Pennsylvania Sportsbook for all to enjoy

In the world of global internet connectivity, we are seeing a change in the way we watch and appreciate sports. Looking back at the 2018 college football season, the opening games were spread around the world with some games played in Australia and Notre Dame taking a mi-season trip to Dublin, Ireland. This is just one sign of the global power of sports, along with the development of huge fanbases for top European soccer teams in the U.S. who are now featured in the soccer section of the Pennsylvania sportsbook of Parx Casino.

There are numerous other sports on offer through the Pennsylvania sportsbook of Parx Casino, including the horse racing section that was the driving force behind the creation of the casino itself. All the sports one would expect to find in the sportsbook of a major casino are represented at Parx Casino with baseball, football, basketball, and hockey all featuring heavily. For golf fans, the chance to place bets on the top tournaments such as the four majors played each year adds even more interest for fans of the sport and those with just a passing interest in golf.

Different levels of membership

The loyalty rewards program known as the X Club has been gestating since around 2014 when the partnership with the GameAccount Network was announced and the two brands were pushed together as they awaited the arrival of online gambling in Pennsylvania. While some states have stuck rigidly to only permitting online poker and specialist forms of gambling online, Pennsylvania opened up to sportsbooks and casino games.

Rewards are on offer for members of Parx Casino’s X Club when they make deposits and place bets with points adding up to different levels of membership. For new members, the X CXlub begins with the Members level that is home to those with less than 999 points. This level pf membership places the individual in line for complimentary floor drinks at casino location and free slot play.

When a member reaches above 999 points they will find themselves pushed forward to the Premium level of membership that allows access to complimentary valet service and invitation-only events at the Parx Casino in Philly. Finally, the Elite level membership provides a range of impressive perks for members, including the use of a priority customer service window and access to the private gated parking for those at this level.