How To Play 3-Card Poker At An Online Casino In Indonesia?

The most popular casinos from London to Vegas and Indonesia to Macau is 3-Card Poker. The game was invented in its 90s but has become a staple in the casino world that you cannot imagine a casino without it live or online.

How to play 3-card poker game?

3-card poker game is easy to play optimally. The hands are on real poker, but there are three cards only for both the players. The dealer simplifies it to just six hands different types. If you know the standard poker hand, this is easy for you, but a small change is there. As you deal with three cards straightly is rare to get flush on 3-card poker.

It is a house-banked casino game played with regular 52 cards deck without joker or wild cards. In the casino, this game is played on the standard blackjack table. While in online casinos this game you can find under the table.

As its name says, each the player and dealer get three cards. To get the cards players have to wage on Ante spot that pays out money evenly when a player hand beats the dealer hand or dealer fails to qualify to make the hand at least one the queen. Only the difference with traditional poker in hand ranking is in 3-card poker straight beats the flush because it is easy with three cards.

Here shows how the hands get ranked in the 3-card poker game:

  • Straight flush
  • Three
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • High Card
  • Pair

Bettors can play two bets in the 3-card poker:

  • Ante or Play
  • Pair Plus

Both of them are playable simultaneously, and on a different amount, betting can be done on each one as it fits. It starts with all the players’ first places the bet on ante bet. This one is the main bet you make against the dealer on his hand. Then you can choose the place to bet on pair plus also. The bet you made will be independent of outcome your handmade against the dealer.

Once all the payers of the table made the ante bets, the deal will begin. The players and dealer will get three cards each, face down from the standard 52 cards deck.


After looking in your hand either you fold or forfeit the ante bet, or you can place another bet same as ante bet. It means you can continue against the dealer or show your hands to know whether you got beaten by him or not and pay accordingly.

6-Card Bonus

In some of the situs poker online, you get an optional side to bet on six card bonus.