Top 10 Well-Known Indonesian Players Who Won Big In Online Poker!


The Indonesians are popular for most active in online casino gambling. It is an island country with multi-cultural people. All of them play poker game online for entertainment. When it comes to betting, they select the best situsJudi online terpercaya.

This is how they get rid of scam online gambling sites. The Indonesian government is giving importance to the gambling industry.This is because it can bring more revenue than theirtourism industry.

The Most Popular Online Poker Sites in Indonesia!

Indonesians mint money from below mentioned trusted online betting sites:

  1. 888 Poker
  2. Party Poker
  3. BWIN Poker
  4. Winner Poker

These sites allow Indonesian currency for remittance and withdrawal. They make online payment for deposit and play poker online. It has many numbers of active accounts from Indonesian poker enthusiasts. They are not here for entertainment. They play in a poker tournament and win with their poker skills. The below mentioned are top 10 poker players from Indonesia.

  1. John Junanda
  2. Michael Sampoerna
  3. SatryaTeja
  4. Steven Djingga
  5. Anton Widjaya
  6. Ken Hartono
  7. Antonious Norman
  8. Ferdinand Putra
  9. Fabien Pariselv
  10. Wendy Chandra

The topers mentioned above are in this position for their love towards poker playing. They play in such a way that they learnnew things and wish to become number one among the other poker players. They wish their score and rank reach the top level and no one can beat them in the future. This is where the Indonesians stand apart in online casino gambling. They earn wisely in their free time. They are active as this is not a time pass but learning more poker skills.

Online Statics of Poker Players in Indonesia!

You can check this by selecting the latest online poker list online. They show the real-time statics of a poker player. They are not robots as the fake online poker gambling sites do. The other poker enthusiast fear to bet when there are Indonesian poker players online. They avoid playing and wait for a beginner to come on the poker table.

Payment Gateways on Online Casino Gambling!

The trusted online betting sitesdo allow more than one payment gateways. The common gateway is to use PayPal. The best way to join and withdraw from online casino gambling is to use your bank account and credit cards.

You can check their wallet options are legal in Indonesia. However, you cannot join a betting site, where the Indonesian government has put restriction. Whatever online site you can open an account or become a member ispermissiblefor the Indonesian to bet online poker and earn some income.