Important Things Most Lottery Winners Don’t Tell


Have you always dreamt about winning the lottery? There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who are in the same boat and have made plans of what they will do if they win. Every time you hear about someone winning the lottery, you cannot help but envy them and think of how glamorous and wonderful their life must be now. It is true that your life will change once you win the lottery. The question is how? There are some things that lottery winners don’t usually share. What are they? Some of them are mentioned here:

  • You use up money fast

Whether you win $1 million or $500 million, statistics indicate that almost 70% of the lottery winners spend or lose all their winnings in five years or less. When you win, the money may seem like a huge sum that you cannot possibly spend, but it runs out quickly once you get started.

  • They don’t quit

Another thing that lottery winners don’t disclose is that even after winning, they continue trying their luck in the lottery. They may not play the same game, but opt to buy tickets for various lotteries such as the Finland lottery.

  • Your friends will exploit you

It is a given that when you come into a large sum of money, people are going to try and exploit you. No, not everyone will ask for assistance directly. A lot of your friends are going to come up to you and share their stories of financial dilemmas, hinting at you that they need help. The sad part is that half of them will only be lying.

  • You will answer for your impulse purchases

One of the biggest problems of having money is that you will end up making a lot of impulse purchases. Since you know you have money, you will not be able to stop yourself from buying something you like, even if it is impractical or unsuitable in the long term.

  • The truly wealthy will look down upon you

As you have gotten your money by winning the lottery, you will be regarded as someone with ‘new money’ and the truly wealthy will probably not warm up to you. Why? This is because a lot of them will see you as someone who just got lucky and didn’t truly earn their money.

  • People will ask you lottery and money questions

Once you win the lottery, people will consider you their resident expert on all things lottery. They will demand that you share your ‘secret’ formula with them. Some will ask you about the Oz Lotto prediction and similar other cases. Likewise, as you have come into money, expect people to ask you money-related questions as well because they will consider you knowledgeable in this regard.

  • You may not be able to stay anonymous

Depending on where you win, you might be forced into the spotlight and not get a chance to stay anonymous so people don’t bother you.