How to Play Bingo Like A Pro?

Fun games have always been a part of our lives. Be it ludo or snake and ladder or cards, nothing can entertain us more than these indoor fun filled activities. One such fun loving indoor game is the Bingo. It can be played by anyone. The game does not require any expertise or skill. The game has to be played upon a scorecard. The entire scorecard is divided into 25 squares. When you get all the 5 squares in a row you win.

Rules for Bingo

Step 1

Each player should have individual scorecards. The card that is divided into 25 squares name the word ‘BINGO’ written on top of the card. You should aim to cover all 5 squares either in vertical or horizontal or diagonal row. The bingo scorecards are available online. Else, you can just draw the card in a piece of paper and start playing.

Step 2

Tell everyone how the letter-number combination of the game works. In the advanced bingo, there are 75 combinations of letters and numbers. The format of both the standard and the basic game is the same.

Step 3

Then, select a player to call the game. He or she will read out the number and the letter. That particular square of that number and letter is to be struck off. Players can use more than one scorecard if he or she can keep track of the others.

Step 4

Now each player is to be handed down with a pile of bingo chips. The Bingo chips are those tiny circular materials that players use to cover their squares on the scorecard. Even if you do not have a Bingo chip, never mind. Anything that fits into the square can be used in place of Bingo chips. Further, the square right at the centre of the scorecard is regarded as a free space. Start off your game with a chip placed in the central square.

Step 5

Next, hand over the bingo balls to the caller so that he or she can call out correspondingly. Bingo balls are nothing but tiny pieces of papers upon which the numbers are written. When the numbers are called, act accordingly. Let’s give an example. When the caller calls out ‘B2’ it means, go to the first column that is the ‘B’ column. Then find out if that ‘B’ column at all has number 2. If yes, then place a bingo chip on top of that. If there is no 2 in the column ‘B’ leave it as it was.