How Gamdom Gambling Website was abused of $140K


Gamdom has several unique aspects and features as compared to any other website. Starting with simple aspects, their service comprises roulette and crash. It would be pertinent to mention here that both would be entailing a huge twist.

Layout of the website

When you sign in with steam, you would come across the menu bar. Here on, you would come across several options inclusive of choice of game mode, deposit and marketplace, online counter, balance and steam profile picture. At the base of the website, you would come across FAQ, Support, Provably Fair, Leader board, Terms of Service, Name promotion and transactions.

Reasons to choose Gamdom

Several reasons have been attributed with Gamdom for being the best gambling website. Apart from being confident about the site being the best, the data has been known to speak volumes for itself.

  • Trusted CSGO gambling website

Gamdom has been a popular CSGO gambling site available in the present times. The site has been known for its wide number of visitors delivering regularly. It would be pertinent to mention here that number has been known to increase with passage of time. The visitors would keep coming back, as the website provides entertaining games using astonishing graphics. They ensure the gambling platform has been updated on regular basis to stay ahead in the race. Moreover, regular updating of website would help them meet the expectations of different customers. The website has been popular for offering $5000 worth reward incentives every day to its users.

  • Fair in dealing

It would be imperative that you feel confident to gamble on the platform. As a result, the website has been providing all kinds of information requisite for verifying that they are fair in their dealing. They have a legitimate website without running any kind of risk to scam you.

  • Instant payouts

When you actually win a game, you would like to lay your hands on the winnings instantly. Therefore, the website caters you with trade bots. It would ensure you have the winnings on your account in matter of seconds.

  • Sever skins to choose from

You would be able to locate several beautiful and popular skins. They would ensure to provide you with the best in business suitable to your specific needs.

Gamdom duped of $140k in reward system bug

It happened shortly after enabled the Dota2, multiplayer batter game to verify new users; it was noticed by the support staff that several new users started to sign up. Under normal conditions, it would have been blessing for community gaming website as Gamdom.

However, after weeks of continuous rising of new users, Gamdom noticed several users signing up on Steam accounts. Most of these users were from Russia and Ukraine. The result was quick draining of available new user bonuses. The website tried to counter the issue with increasing number of hours, but that was of no use, as users created more accounts for using free coins. Only 10% of these fraudulent accounts were enough to withdraw Bitcoin gambling, Gamdom was forced to pay around 15000-20000 dollars every day. The result was $140k loss to Gamdom.