What Powers A Professional Gambler?

In recent years, sports gambling has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, with millions of people placing bets and participating in virtual sports betting sites. Although the process of becoming addicted to internet sports gambling is relatively unknown, it is presumed that there exists a significant link between personality traits and addiction. This situation happens because problem gamblers tend to have certain personality traits, including perfectionism in wanting to succeed at gambling and wanting to be right even when they are not, and the need for validation from others.

One good paradigm is when individuals have an inner critic that reminds them of how they should not have settled on a bet but still feel they have succeeded in achieving their objective, thus doubting their ability to succeed.

However, this study also indicates that the relationship between personality and addiction may exist in the opposite direction – in the sense that those who are problem gamblers may also have personality traits that would otherwise be considered ideal. In other words, while problem gamblers may have a problem with failure, they also seem to value success and may be willing to try new things.

Past studies focused more on gambling and racing. It has been found that people who place high bets in horse racing are more likely to also place high stakes on other games, such as football and baseball. The researchers theorize that this represents a “symmetry” in the way that our brains operate. While some people are attracted to winning and bet on a sport or casino game, others may be entertained by the prospect of losing more money by placing a bet on another sport.

These previous studies did not investigate why some people are attracted to sports betting while others are repelled. The current researchaddresses this occurrence, showing that those who place high bets on games are also drawn towards online gambling and casinos. The recent study goes even further, looking specifically at personality traits related to problem gambling and those involved in sports betting. The research did find that problem gamblers tend to have greater self-esteem and greater confidence than non-problem gamblers; however, they do not have as high a liking for winning as non-gamers.

Sports betting is fun, but it can be the complete opposite when losing streak attacks. It is a game of chance, after all. 

However, several professional gamblers still win as if by magic.

Want to know how they do it?

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