Kubet strategy X3 Dragon Tiger bet at Ku Casino is effective or not?

As soon as Kubet officially released the game Dragon Tiger, KUBET warmly welcomed it. Dragon Tiger has a very new and groundbreaking way of playing.

As a game originating from Cambodia, Dragon Tiger quickly became popular and famous in all casinos of Vietnam. Not only the traditional form of play, but Dragon Tiger Online at the bookie is also popular and always crowded with players. One of the surprises many players say they often apply in Dragon Tiger at Ku Casino is the X3 betting strategy. So how does X3 bet work? Let’s find out right away in the article information below! A brief introduction to the rules of the Dragon Tiger game at Ku Casino

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Dragon Tiger is a new and groundbreaking way of playing.

Players warmly welcomed it as soon as Ku Casino officially released the Dragon Tiger game. Dragon Tiger has a very new and groundbreaking way of playing. They do not depend too much on black and red but innovative playing strategies. Before learning about the X3 system, let’s consider the principles of playing Dragon Tiger!

At the Dragon Tiger betting table, when a game stands officially started. The beautiful and hot Dealers will randomly distribute 1 card to the Dragon and Tiger sides. Accordingly, the game’s rules stipulate that the side with the more vital cards will win.

The arrangement of the strength and weaknesses of Dragon Tiger at Ku Casino

– A < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < J < Q < K.

– In the case of cards of the same strength, match: Hands > Checks > Dragons > Spades.

– If the same strength and same substance will compare in color: red > black

– You will place money for the outcome of the game, including:

– Bet on Dragon or Tiger. If you win, you will have a ratio: of 1 to 1

– Bet on a Draw. If winning is to bet 1 to 8.

How to X3 bet when playing Dragon Tiger at Ku Casino?

The two most important decisions affecting the whole situation of a Dragon Tiger table are which door to bet on and how much money should be. The experienced Dragon Tiger players at Ku Casino all say that choosing a tie and then a big one is not an intelligent suggestion because this way of betting will miss the opportunity to increase the bet X2 for the player to win more.

To be able to X3 the bet in Dragon Tiger, players need to have specific experience and knowledge. In particular, choosing the bet door and betting according to 1 of the following three principles will help you X3 this amount:

Bet only 1 of 2 doors, Dragon or Tiger

The option to bet only on 1 of 2 Dragon Tiger doors even though the probability of winning/losing is 50:50. However, this is a very safe bet. Because, if you have closed the method, the rules of betting. Then you can turn this rate up to 80% or more to win. One of the secrets to betting with Dragon or Tiger is as follows.

Rotating bets on Dragon or Tiger: Players use rotation to find the rules in the first few games. With these rounds, the best suggestion is that you should bet with a small amount. When you are sure about the possibility of going to the Red or Tiger door, you can X3 bet to make sure the big prize is in your hand.

Draw only bets

Tie bet when playing Dragon Tiger at Ku Casino is also an appropriate suggestion for you to consider applying. They are suitable for those with a large amount of money and can play 30 games. In other words, it is the excess capital. You need a notebook to record the results of previous bets. If the probability of a tie is higher than 30%, you can continue to place a connection for at least the next ten games. On the contrary, if a tie’s probability is negligible, you should not bet.

How much is reasonable to bet on Dragon Tiger?

Along with betting, you need to pay attention to the number of bets when playing Dragon Tiger at Ku Casino. Statistically higher odds of winning include:

– Folding bets increase with the format of the next game, doubling the first game after each loss.

– Fibonacci bet in the form of the following game is equal to the sum of the first two games after each loss.

– Bets on 1-3-2-4 or 1-3-2-6 after each loss.

Players can see that the X3 bet method when playing Dragon Tiger is fully capable of being developed well. They also give players a chance to win big after just one game. So, what are you waiting for, KUBET? Come to Ku Casino today to enjoy the feeling of conquering luck with exciting and exciting card games here!


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