9 ways to ensure you don’t blow your euromillions winnings

So you played the euromillions online and against all odds you managed to actually win the thing! Well congratulations to you… now what?

1 – Think carefully about going public or not.

The first thing you will need to decide is whether you want to stay anonymous or go public with your euro lotto windfall. This is a big decision because there are pros and cons to both. When you go public, depending on the amount of money you have won, the press will be hounding and the public will be begging and there is also a bigger risk of being robbed or being a victim of crime. There are advantages of staying anonymous, but it can cause resentment from family and friends because it is very difficult to keep millions of pounds a secret.

2 – Make a gradual transition – Don’t spent your euromillions winnings all at once!

Lots of euromillions lottery players march into their boss’s offices and quit in a dramatic way after they have won the lottery. Don’t. Winning the lottery is not an excuse for being unprofessional or a complete lout. And don’t forget the importance of work in your life, it helps ground you in reality, it provides much needed social interaction and routine and it reminds you about the value of money. Which you might lose sight of as a euro lottery winner.   

3 – Do the math – how long will your euromillions winnings last for?

Will you still have enough Euromillions loot left for an early retirement if you decide to set up a fund for your children or buy yourself a new house, car and a couple of other things you have always wanted? If your answer to this question is no or I don’t know you better sit down with a pen and paper and start doing a budget.

4 – Get professional advice on how to manage your Euromillions winnings

Get the advice you need from security advisers, legal advisers, financial advisers and investment advisers because your life has changes forever. All those boring things like bank accounts and wills needs to be sorted. It may seem like a chore, but the sooner it’s done the better.

5 – Invest your euro winnings first, spend later and from the income.

Right, so now you have your advisors by your side and your budget worked out. Now it is time to start thinking about ways to invest your money. You never hear rich people speak about their spendings, they always speak about their investments. Invest your money in something and you could possible make millions more and then you can spend some money.

6 – Now make your euromillions shopping list.

You have to spend your money carefully, with millions, which seems like a endless amount of money in your bank account, the temptation to want to spend money will be very strong. To make sure that you don’t buy a whole lot of useless stuff and waste your money, make a list and stick to it. Start with important things you need like home repairs and things that you never had money for. And then only sort out the gifts and the things you have been dreaming of getting. This way you will see approximately how much everything will cost before you start spending everything.

7 – Take a break from it all.

Go on vacation, far away from the maddening crowd. Go somewhere you’ve only dreamt of going and enjoy yourself. Not only will it help you relax it is also a reward for doing all the important stuff first. More importantly it will act as a gap between your old life and your new life as a millionaire.

8 – Look to the future.

It is time to think about your future and the future of your family and loved ones that your euromillions winnings has now provided you with. When you come back from holiday you will feel strange, like your llife isn’t your own anymore and everything will feel different. But not to worry this is normal. It means that your mind has already begun that transition, and it is only temporary. Put your plans into action whether its retiring, buying a new home or starting a new business.

9 – Be true to yourself

Lottery winners tend to make large donations to charity because not only does it help great causes, it’s also great karma. You have to be mindful of money, it will change your life dramatically, just make sure it doesn’t change you. Trust in yourself and surround yourself with positive supportive people.


To win the Euromillions lottery game you need to do two things, first you need to play euromillions  and secondly, you need to make sure you check your euro lotto results!

Thats it… now go and buy a ticket!